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At this point this campaign is purely experimental, and may or may not materialize into an actual game

Loosely based on the novels by Clive Cussler. The PCs are part of a special team under The National Underwater Marine Agency. NUMA is the underwater equivalent of NASA, more or less. NUMA founder and director James Sandecker is assembling a special assignments team under the leadership of veteran NUMA operative Kurt Austin. While NUMA generally hires internally, the unique composition of this team calls for a little fresh blood as well. The team will have more leeway than most other NUMA operatives, undertaking a number of special assignments not just in US waters, but around the world.

If you are interested in playing this type of campaign, message me.

In preparation for the first session, I’d like everyone to make at least two potential characters. Sandecker will look over each character’s skill set and abilities, and I as GM will select whatever character would most likely be invited to interview for the position. I know it may be a bit more of a pain to make multiple characters, but this way I can allow you to personalize your characters a little more without saying “take this skill, this advantage, this disadvantage…” etc. etc. When creating your characters, keep in mind that this is a “normal” world, with no known magic or supernatural powers. Tech level is 8.5 (Mostly TL8 with some TL9, message me for details). You have two options for character creation:

Internal Applicant

Your character has worked for NUMA in the past, but they want a shot at the new special assignments team.

You have 165 character points to use

-40 disadvantages
+40 advantages
-5 quirks

If your character is applying as a current NUMA employee, you must take the advantage status (NUMA only) at at least level 2 (5 points).

You must also take the advantage Patron (NUMA) Very Powerful organization (20 points), appears quite often (X2), enhancement: equipment (+50% points). (60 point total)

If your character worked in the field with NUMA previously. Or was exposed to hazardous conditions in his/her earlier work, you need to take Duty (NUMA) (Extremely hazardous)
Total: 65 points These points do not count towards your 40 point advantage limit.

External Applicant

Your character has never worked for NUMA before. NUMA generally prefers to hire internally, so you have your work cut out for you if you want this position…

You have 100 character points to use.

-40 disadvantages
+40 advantages
-5 quirks
The first session will consist of your interview with Sandecker. Since interviews are done individually, Let me know when you have your character(s) ready, and we’ll do the interview over chat. If your character is selected, you will recieve the advantage patron (NUMA) free of charge.

Open positions (all positions not taken by a PC will be filled by NPCs, and a particularly skilled PC might fill more than one position):

o Ship captain.Must be skilled in use of radar and underwater sonar equipment. Experience on large ships a must. Must be able to handle hazardous materials. Experience with bow thrusters critical. Must be able to endure long hours. Radio skills necessary.

o Underwater Geologist. pHD required. Experience with oil rigs a plus.

o Marine Biologist/Ecologist (experience with a wide variety of species and biozones a plus. Must hold a master’s degree at minimum)

o Engineer (experience with a wide variety of propulsion systems, experience with ROV design and fabrication preferred experience with submersible design and fabrication preffered. Mechanical experience a plus.)

o Mechanic. Must be able to repair everything the rest of the crew might break. Diesel engines, submersibles, deep suits, saturation tanks, etc. Compare with requirements for pilot, engineer, and propulsions expert. You’ll be fixing it all.

o Pilot (experience with helicopters, jets, single engine, twin engine planes a plus. 200 hours of flight time minimum)

o Ship doctor (MD)

o Ship cook (must hold a degree from a respected culinary institution)

o Communications and logistics technician skilled in satellite communications, web-design, programming, fax machines, file sorting. 1 year of experience at a similar position preferred.

All applicants must have a desire for adventure, be willing to be flexible, and have a broad range of skills that go beyond the position applied for. SCUBA experience a must for all positions except doctor, cook, and captain. Diving suit experience a plus.

Any character not having previously worked for NUMA must take the advantage patron (NUMA) as described above (free of charge) on acceptance onto the team. They will have no status within NUMA, however. Keep in mind that external applicants must really shine to be considered for the position. If you are accepted as an external applicant, consider the free advantage as my awarding roleplaying points and insisting they be used to purchase the advantage.

I only recently started reading Cussler, and I am not super familiar with this genre. And this is my first campaign after a lengthy hiatus from GURPS. Please bear with me. Suggestions welcome, but may be ignored.

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