The NUMA files

GM's Log

Pre-Game notes 1

After some thought, I have decided to go ahead and begin preparing for the campaign. Even if my current gaming group does not receive this campaign well or show interest, I may want to play it some time with others. I had forgotten how much work prepping for a good campaign is, especially if any maps or diagrams are needed. Ugh. I hate drawing maps and diagrams. This campaign has 20-30 NPC characters that come into play as well. Really can’t say too much more atm, to avoid spoilers, since I’m assuming potential players will read this…

Which reminds me. There are a few things about this campaign that you need to know:

  • First, If you have read Cussler’s books, specifically (at the moment Serpent), Or are affiliated with NUMA in real life, I’d rather you not join this campaign. There are two reasons for this. Since this campaign is based loosely off of the book Serpent , I’d like to limit meta knowledge, especially since some members of my current gaming group have difficulty separating player and character knowledge. The other reason is the LOOSELY based part. If you are a die-hard Cussler fan, you need to understand that I may make some deviation from the books and use artistic license.

*Second if you are interested in joining this campaign, you need to be comfortable with the possibility that your character may die. In my opinion, a realistic game needs to have failure as an option. There are dangers in the real world, and I try to GM in a way that reflects that. At best, success will depend on good strategy, planning, and a fair amount of luck (good dice rolls). But as in real life, there are factors that the PCs will have little or no control over (weather, the “off screen” actions of NPCs, etc.) If this bothers you, or you are not comfortable with that style of gaming, don’t join. I don’t want any whining about my GMing style. My word as GM is law. Suggestions may be made, and I’ll do my best to address concerns, put please don’t complain just because your character is inconvenienced. I understand (having lost a character myself in a previous campaign) that the death of a PC can be hard on some players. You invest time and effort into the character, and become attached to it, then lose it. But like I said, I try to GM a more realistic and slightly less cinematic game. If your character dies, it may not mean you are excluded from the rest of the campaign however. Talk to me and we can see if we can work you back in with a new character.

If after reading that you are still interested in playing, message me. I’ll get you more details soon. Sooner if requested.

Happy Adventuring,

TigerHobbes89 out

DISCLAIMER: If you are reading this as someone affiliated with Cussler or NUMA, you should understand that I am making no effort to commercialize any of the material in Cussler’s books or pass it off as my own. GURPS is a roleplaying game courtesy of Steve Jackson games, and I am simply adapting the stories told by Cussler into this gaming format for personal use.



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